Life always gives us the option to chose what we want. Sometimes we make certain decisions that change the course of our life forever. One such dilemma would be to choose comfort and luxury over true happiness or contentment. “Idena Life Andre”, the short movie depicts the life story of a man who in the pursuit of comfort and luxury gave up the precious moments of happiness forever and eventually regretted it. But there is no way he can change or alter the past. The story revolves around the concept of taking up financial loans to achieve comfort and luxury but in the race to repay it, we lose those most precious moments of happiness and bliss. The story is about the pros and cons of living a life burdened with loans and how it affects life eventually. The amazing narration between two generations adds to the emotional twist in the entire story. The short movie ends with the thought-provoking climax: ” do we really need to burden ourselves with loans to lead a happy and contented life”
Shriya Media presents their next Kannada short film ” Idena Life Andre”.
Directed by: Raghuveer Prasad
Story – Screenplay: Shukla, Chandan VK, Raghveer
Dialogues: Shukla
DOP: Manish Rao
Music: Nikhil Kumar
Production Manager: Manjula M
Edit and Post Production: Team Shriya Media
Starcast: Srinatha DS, Raghuveer Prasad, Bhuvana VA, Parveen , Jayasheela, Rajeshwari

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